Most of us have been at the beach with a grumpy kid. Maybe you stayed just a little too long, something wrecked their sandcastle, or maybe they just didn’t get that snow cone they just had to have; regardless of how it happens, being in the hot sun too long can turn an otherwise great day into a mad dash toward the nearest available bed, naptime, and a vacation from your vacation. The truth is, kids at the beach aren’t alone: Heat dramatically impacts mood in everyone, especially if it impacts sleep.

Optimal Sleep

They say that optimal sleeping temperature, including your own body’s warmth against your bed, is around 87 to 90 degrees. Obviously, it gets far warmer than that in New Braunfels, and a busted air conditioner in this climate is going to lead to far warmer nights very quickly. While you may not notice the impact immediately, sleeping while hot greatly diminishes the restfulness of sleep; in order to receive equally restful sleep, your body can need upwards of two hours extra just to account for a moderate increase in temperature, especially in the presence of humidity.

And we have plenty of heat and humidity.


The reason these are significant is, as shown by children at the beach too long: Heat and sleep loss both lead to a worse mood. Meaning, if your home is hot and humid, you can expect a grumpy family, short temperament, and, ultimately, just feeling “off.” Worse still, this dip in mood can lead to violent behavior, increased alcohol consumption, and increased time to complete even simple tasks, all of which make you warmer.

When you’re hot and sleep deprived, everything seems worse. Simple, everyday problems become mountains to climb. When you can’t even enjoy a hot shower in the morning for fear of adding any more heat to the equation, you definitely know the heat has long since gotten to you. As the heat continues to impact your mood in different ways, you can expect increased conflict, decreased patience, and overall unhappiness to move in right alongside the heat wave.

Break the Cycle

This vicious cycle caused by a hot and humid indoors requires air conditioning repair to break. Don’t let heat impact your sleep, mood, and even sensitivity to the heat itself any longer, contact New Braunfels’ premier air conditioning repair team through Legacy Heating & Air today!