As New Braunfels leading provider of air conditioner repairs, we hear a lot of strange stories and myths from our clients. After more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve put a lot of these myths to the test and found out a lot of them are full of hot air. In today’s blog post, the air conditioning repair specialists at Legacy AC And Heating Services will tackle some of the most common air conditioning myths.

Turning Off The AC When You’re Not Home Saves Energy

This is a common myth that even many new AC repair technicians believe when they first start. It’s commonly assumed that by turning off your AC unit on your way out the door, you’re saving energy because it’s no longer running. In fact, this is only the case when you’re gone for long periods of time, say a day or more. If you’re only going to work, turning off the AC and then turning it back on when you get home actually expends more energy. This is because your home has been warming all day, and turning on your AC at the end of the day means that the unit has to work harder to cool off more of your home. The result is that you’re using more energy.

A Bigger AC Means Faster Cooling

Air conditioners are not like car engines. A larger engine may make your car go faster, but a larger AC doesn’t cool your home any faster. Instead, you have to think about them like a fitted shirt. You’ll want to find the right size AC for your home. A larger AC will cool your home but will expend more energy doing so because it thinks its cooling a much larger space. You’ll want to find the right size AC for your home. To find the right sized air conditioner for your New Braunfels home, consult with the specialists at Legacy.

Air Filters Don’t Impact The AC’s Performance

The air filter in your air conditioner catches all of the dust, germs, and grime from the outside before they can get into your home. If your AC has a clean air filter, it can draw air into your home and cool it more efficiently. If the filter is full of debris, your AC will have to work harder to draw air into the home. A quick swap of a filter can improve the energy efficiency of your AC by nearly 10 percent!

Your AC Unit Doesn’t Need Regular Maintenance

Perhaps one of the most surprising myths we hear from our clients usually starts with a phone call that goes something like this, “well, I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It’s worked fine for years until now.” Many people assume that if the AC is still cooling the air in your home, that there’s no need to have it regularly inspected. Like any other appliance, your AC will need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly.

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