Do you start sweating every time your air conditioner breaks down? It might have less to do with the rising temperature and more to do with the thought of what the repair bill might be. Some people end up delaying repairs to their HVAC system because they are concerned that the bill will be enough to drain their bank accounts. Unfortunately, delaying repairs could actually be costing you more. If you dread the thought of calling the air conditioning repair team because of concerns about cost, then it’s time to discover some things you can do to keep your bill as low as possible.

How to Keep AC Repair Costs Low

Start with the right air conditioner.

One of the best ways to avoid a high repair bill is to invest in the right air conditioning system from the start. This means buying a unit from a reputable dealer and manufacturer, and preferably one that comes with some kind of warranty (that can help you avoid costly repairs for years to come). You should also look for a unit that’s the right size for your home, as one that’s too big or too small could end up breaking down more often and costing more to operate. When you start with a high-quality air conditioner that’s made for a house of your size, you are going to be far less likely to run into issues in the future. A cheap system might seem like a good idea when you make the initial purchase, but replacing all those cheap parts will quickly drive up the cost of the unit over time.

Get your system maintained regularly.

Being proactive with maintenance will help prevent big problems in the future. You should have your air conditioner checked over by a professional at least once a year, at the beginning of the warmer season before your system is going to need to kick into high gear. It’s not a bad idea to schedule a second service call at the end of the season to have the unit checked out before winter, too. A technician can examine your AC system to look for parts that might be worn down and could potentially create issues in the near future. Replacing a part is much less expensive than repairing a broken system. In some cases, you might be able to avoid a big repair bill when the technician is able to address small problems found during the inspection such as a loose bolt or blocked drain pan.

Call for repairs as soon as they are needed.

If you do need to call for repairs, make sure you contact a qualified air conditioning repair team as soon as possible. While it’s tempting to delay repairs in favor of saving your money, you are probably making the problem worse as time goes on. The longer small issues are left alone, the more time they have to become bigger, more expensive problems. Parts become more worn and could end up wearing out or corroding other parts within the system. Water leaks can be a huge issue, too, and can create major repair work on your floors and ceilings. When caught early, most repair work on air conditioning system can be done quickly and for less money than you might expect. Being prompt will end up saving you money.

Compare quotes from repair services.

Most air conditioning repair teams will offer you a free quote on the repair work before they get started. In most cases, the repairs are probably going to be less than you feared. If the cost is more than you expected, though, then you should feel free to call around and get a few quotes from other technicians for comparison. Be warned, though: if one company’s quote is far, far less than the others, that’s probably not a good thing. They might be overlooking a major repair that needs to be done or they are going to cut corners on their service in order to keep their own costs down. In the end, you’ll probably end up paying more than you would have by going with a slightly higher repair estimate.

Choose a trusted repair technician.

Good repairs come from good companies. If you work with an air conditioning repair company that has a good reputation, you stand a better chance of working with someone who is going to give you a fair quote on the work and get the repairs done right the first time. When the work is done correctly on the first visit, you end up paying less for repairs because there is no need for the technician to come out time and again. Take time to read reviews about the company you are considering and make sure other people have had positive experiences with them. If there are negative reviews, consider whether the company was really in the wrong. Talking to the technicians over the phone or in person when you are getting a quote on the repair work will also give you a good sense as to whether or not these are the people you want working in your home.

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